If you are a fan of digital magazines, eBooks may also spark an interest. Over the last year there has been a lot of talk about the eReader and we have seen the emergence of several different models boasting the ability to store a large amount of reading material in electronic format, in a portable device to read wherever and whenever you fancy.


The Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle have caused the most stir so far with the Kindle’s UK arrival highly anticipated despite not even being available by the end of this year here. It’s release in the US about a year ago saw mixed reviews but has generally proved popular with it’s huge range of titles available to download from the Kindle store on Amazon. com (currenlty over 200,000 books, magazines, newspapers and blogs)

What the Kindle does lack however is looks. The Sony Reader and the Irex Iliad amongst others offer much sleeker looking devices but does this mean that they offer a more superior reading experience?

For the answer to this question and a full review of the top eReader’s on the market at the moment, download PC Pro which features an eReader special in this month’s edition. As well as product reviews, the feature discusses whether the eReader is the future for reading or whether it is simply another technological fad and asks if eBooks do take off, are we likely to face the same issues we did a few years back with the music industry imposing strict rights management on reading material we download.

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